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Welcome to Justice Hub forum! We are thrilled to have you here. Please use this place to introduce yourself, ask general questions and get to know its members. There are separate categories of conversations available on the platform for specific areas.

Date with Data

You can use this category to discuss topics associated with Date with Data events. Date with Data is a periodic event that brings together data contributors and data users of Justice Hub platform to discuss stories emerging from datasets.

Mini Hubs

A mini-hub is a theme specific hub within the larger Justice Hub. The main objective behind setting up theme specific mini-hubs is to address the systematic data gaps within a sector that prohibit holistic research and analysis of key issues. Our plan to address these challenges starts with forming a network of individuals and organisations as subject matter experts and collaborating with them on creating common digital assets on the Justice Hub.

Summer of Data

Here you can find all conversations related to the Summer of Data event. Over the course of two months, we’ll work to create a high quality, well documented dataset on the profiles of Judges from the Indian High Courts. More info here

Knowledge & Resources

Share and request interesting resources with community. Engage in discussion related to Law and Justice in India.

Data Request

Are you looking for a dataset? You haven’t been able to find this dataset on the Justice Hub? Request the data from our community members. It is a good idea to describe (i) what data are you exactly looking for? (indicators, fields, theme) (ii) what do you want to explore using this dataset.

Ideas & Suggestions

Have an idea or a feature request that will make Justice Hub awesome? Please use this category to make suggestions and describe the kind of features you would like to see on Justice Hub. This is one place to go wild with your imagination.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Use this thread to discuss advancements in Natural Language Processing as well as its application in Law and Justice space.

Share your work

Are you working on gathering volunteers to collect data on law and justice related issue? Are you building tech that can analyse judgements and extract information? Use this thread to share whatever you are working on and how the community can help you. This is the best place to ask for volunteer support as well as look for potential team members. Go wild!