About the Mini Hubs category

A mini-hub is a theme specific hub within the larger Justice Hub. The main objective behind setting up theme specific mini-hubs is to address the systematic data gaps within a sector that prohibit holistic research and analysis of key issues. Our plan to address these challenges starts with forming a network of individuals and organisations as subject matter experts and collaborating with them on creating common digital assets on the Justice Hub.

The objectives of the Mini Hub are:

  1. To identify data gaps and challenges that prohibit holistic research and analysis of issues
  2. To create datasets and data standards to fill certain data gaps over a longer period of time
  3. To create tools and processes with an intent to create these components that can be utilized by a diverse set of stakeholders across the ecosystem
  4. To create a knowledge repository with articles, case studies and other pieces of research that is easily accessible and discoverable
  5. To create strategy on developing, maintaining and sustaining these datasets on a long term basis

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