Date with Data - Analysis of Supreme Courts caseload during pandemic

Analysis of Supreme Court’s case load during pandemic

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Our speakers for the session

Shreya Tripathy is a law graduate from National Law University, Odisha, and is currently working as a Research Fellow with the JALDI Initiative at Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy. She is currently working on topics such as diversity, infrastructure, and efficient budgeting in the judiciary. Her areas of interest include Human Rights & Judicial Reforms.

Tarika Jain is a law graduate from Gujarat National Law University, a former Research Fellow at Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy, and is currently studying Public Policy at the University College London. Her areas of interest include law and economics, and governance.

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Resources shared during the session

  1. An empirical analysis of the cases prioritised by the SC during the lockdown - Link
  2. Related datasets on the Justice Hub - Link
  3. Dateset on Judicial Bias - Curated by DevDataLab - Link
  4. e-Courts Phase 3 Vision Document - Link
  5. Global Covid-19 Policy Response - Link