Introductions (come in, say hi)

Hello everyone :hugs:

I’m Saurav and one of the curators of the Justice Hub. I’m based in Bangalore, but originally from Calcutta. I love trekking, painting abstract paintings while I help build out Agami’s data for justice initiative.

This forum is our way of bringing a community of people working with data in systems of law and justice together and helping them find other like-minded people interested in India. We want to create a space for all of you to interact freely to voice your doubts, concerns, etc. and seek answers within the community, together! :fist:t5:

We’re just starting this forum out, please take a minute to introduce and tell us about yourself (but only if you’d like to!) And while you’re at it, drop a line and tell me about a pro tip of enjoying solitude in the pandemic.

We’re so excited you’re here!


Hey Saurav
Look forward to see this community grow!

Hello Everyone,

I am Gaurav Godhwani, splitting my time among Indore, Bangalore and other nice places. I work with CivicDataLab - a research lab harnessing data, tech, design and social science to strengthen the course of civic engagements in India. We work to leverage the open-source movement to enable citizens in engaging better with public reforms. We work closely with several governments, nonprofits, think-tanks, media houses and universities to enable data-driven decision making at scale.

I work to start and grow Data4Good initiatives like DataKind Bangalore & Open Budgets India. I am focused to nurture open data innovations in sectors like Public Finance, Law & Justice, Urban Planning and more. When I am away from the keyboard, I enjoy spending my time traveling, teaching and doing photography.

At Justice Hub, I am keen to strengthen partnerships and co-creations in Law and Justice sector to co-create more Open Data and evidence-based interventions. Very excited to know more, learn more and collaborate more with everyone :slight_smile:

Hi Everyone!
My name is Abhijith and I run Happy to be here!

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Hi all,

I am Aditi - I work as a Pre-doc Research Associate with Professors Sam Asher and Paul Novosad (of SHRUG fame) at Development Data Lab. Here as we’re working on a study on judicial bias in India’s lower courts, and our research would benefit greatly from the circulation of ideas on this group - also happy to contribute through all the data we have been harnessing and putting out on the SHRUG platform :slight_smile:

I am based out of Delhi - also enjoy painting when I am not coding! My academic training is in Economics and Public Policy.

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Hi all,

I am Saurabh. I am an engineer by training, taught at a school for 2 years (Teach For India) and worked in Education Policy and assisted Central and state governments on designing and executing data driven initiatives. I am here to learn, grow and connect with people who are passionate about the Law and Justice space.

Glad to be part of this community.

hello everyone, Saachi here :slight_smile: I am currently a law student and very excited to be here and learn more about data and justice.

Welcome to the community Saachi! Glad to have you here.

Hello Everyone!
I’m Ananya, a law student. Interested in the tech and policy space. Currently, enrolled in Summer of Data 2021 initiative. Happy to be here.

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Welcome Ananya! Happy to see you here :slight_smile:

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Hi, everyone!
My name is Gunjan. I am a final-year law student based out of Bangalore.
Really happy to be here,


Welcome to Justice Hub Gunjan!

Hello everyone!

I’m Yuvi, and I’ve been working on open source software for many many years now. Currently I’m a contributor to the Jupyter project, and before that I have spent many years in the wikimedia / open knowledge world.

I’m interested in trying to get more structured data around Indian laws and stuff into Wikidata, so we can make use of its crowdsourcing and querying properties (see this thread). Would love to hear of related efforts and find others interested in working on this :slight_smile:

@yuvipanda We welcome you to the Justice Hub community :slight_smile:

Laws as Wikidata sounds like a good idea. Would love to explore it further.

There have been a few attempts to maintain the content of laws in machine readable formats like AkomaNtoso. The Nyaaya team at Vidhi maintains a repository, which you can find here, that has most central laws converted as AkomaNtoso XML.

While we figure out the Wikidata process, we might have to think about these challenges as well:

  • How can we maintain this repository so that it reflects the actual law at any point in time Eg. making sure to update the law as and when it is amended
  • Extending this to state specific laws, etc. These might not always be available in English or even as machine readable files.

Hi Saurav, good to be part of this forum.
I am from CBGA and we have a similar forum for govt budgets, called Budget Forum. I have been given the responsibility of increasing the visibility of the Budget Forum. Since you have been handling this forum for a year, I was wondering I could get in touch with you to understand how you went about it, particularly how you disseminate and socialise this forum.
Let me know, thanks.

Hi @divya23. I work with @saurabh_karn on the Justice Hub . Happy to connect and share our experience till now. Will get in touch and schedule a discussion at the earliest.

Do share your feedback and suggestions with us as you make progress on setting up the OBI forum.