Knowledge Management System- LegalTech

A repository of the latest technology in NLP related to the legal industry

Check out some really cool Github Repos of open source developments using amazing tech to solve legal problems.


Look at some cool applications of GPT3 in the Text generation segment.
PS: It really is very useful and revolutionary tech for coming legaltech industry.

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Access the full Repository Folders here. If you have any questions, please comment below. @anubhavmishra10 & I would be happy to help.

Thanks @anubhavmishra10 @saurav for sharing this, also pinning some resources for data contributors on how to better manage and publish your law & justice data:

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Hi, the link is not accessible. Could you please share it again?

Hey Ananya, this link is working for me:

What exactly are you looking for?

I don’t think we have furnished the resources link. Have we? @apoorv @gggodhwani?

@Ananya Please check A few resources related to how to create/manage a dataset are linked on this URL.

Let us know in case you’re looking for something specific ?

Thanks @apoorv. Its working now. Nothing specific I just wanted to know how legal data are arranged in different jurisdictions. Just to get an idea on different frameworks (templates).

@Ananya This knowledge repository has been moved here: Apologies for the confusion.