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Hi there!
So good to be here. I had a couple of queries -

  1. If a Judge was an Additional Judge in the same/another High Court before becoming a Permanent Judge in the HC of the state I am working on, will his cadre be - Service? The said Judge was a Senior Advocate before becoming an Additional Judge at a different high court. The DOJ says the Source of Recruitment is ‘Bar’, but they’re talking about recruitment to the Additional Judge level.

  2. If the Judge had previously acted as an Acting Chief Justice of the same High Court, do we mention that somewhere/in some other context?

  3. Do we give details on the Chief Justice of our HCs? Since there is a separate table for Chief Justices in general.

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  1. It will be Bar. The relevant point of time for deciding on Bar/Service is the profession of the person at the time when he/she was appointed to the High Court for the first time. ‘Service’ is only when a person was a judge in the subordinate judiciary at the time of his/her appointment to the High Court

  2. Not within the existing list of variables. We are not capturing data on acting chief justices.

  3. No. A different team is dedicated only for chief justices of all High Courts.


Alright, sir. Thank you for clarifying my doubts.

I’m reiterating the first point so I know I’ve understood correctly. The relevant point of time for deciding on Bar/Service is the profession of the person at the time when he/she was appointed to the High Court for the first time - irrespective of whether it is the High Court of the state I am working on or not.

Yes. That’s correct.

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A related query. If a judge has been an Acting Chief Justice in another High Court after their transfer, do we consider that for Column T (If appointed Chief Justice in another High Court)? Or should we not consider Acting Chief Justice anywhere.

Reply from @rangin

We should not consider acting chief justices as chief justice in any capacity. for all purposes, they are regular judges.

Hi guys, Ashna here, I’m working on the Kerala High Court. I found this source yesterday - contains updated information on some key columns. It’s updated as of 1 June 2021.

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Thanks for sharing the link @ashnadev :slight_smile:

Prakhar - Allahabad HC

what does special counsel for xyz HC mean? is it useful for any of the columns?

Reply from @rangin - It is not useful for any of the current columns.

Piyush- Allhabad Hc

  1. If a judge is transferred to some other hc, what will be the date of his retirement (the date he got transferred/ date he got retired from his latest hc)?
  2. what are some of the HC administrative posts( if someone has served as a special counsel for a hc will that be considered as an administrative posts or if someone has headed a committee by being its chairman)?
  3. Is it fine if we leave a cell if we do not get any information about that column, like the place/state of birth of a judge?
  4. Is special counsel here same as government counsel?
    (Link- )

Yes, please leave it blank.

For 1, 2, and 4 i will request @rangin to respond.

  1. date of retirement is always when a person stops being a HC judge. A person’s retirement is not linked with a specific HC but that he cannot be a judge in any HC.
  2. Registrar (Administration), Registrar (Judicial), Deputy/Assistant Registrar (Protocol). When we say administrative post, we do not mean the admin post a person had as a judge in the HC. it refers to admin post a person had in the HC when he/she was a subordinate court judge.
  3. Apoorv has answered.
  4. No

What is the difference between a Senior Counsel for the Govt. and a Senior Advocate? And if it is the former, will we be entering a No in the ‘Senior Advocate’ column?

Sir, does that mean that if a Judge’s cadre is Bar, then even if they were executive member of SLSA, for eg, we would write ‘NA’ in the HC administrative post column?

Additionally -

  1. Would the standing counsel for the governor of the state amount to being a government counsel?
  2. If a judge “was the in charge of all the Additional Public Prosecutors in the Jharkhand High Court.”, would this amount to a HC administrative post?

Senior counsel for the government is not the same as Senior Advocate. Senior Advocate is a permanent professional designation. Senior counsel for govt is just the title in relation to one client.