Welcome to the Justice Hub Forum

A dedicated space to discuss anything and everything around data in the areas of law and justice.

The role of Justice Hub ?

The Justice Hub empowers communities for data-driven access to justice. The Hub makes legal and justice data open, accessible and actionable to accelerate a movement of data-based thinking in the sector. And it does this with a spirit of openness and a community-driven, collaborative approach. By becoming a shared resource for discovering, accessing and publishing justice data, and by offering technical, financial and peer support, the Justice Hub aims to increase trust and adoption of data in the law & justice sector.

How can we use this space (the forum) for collaboration ?

We’re working hard to build and curate a few useful resources for the community. We would like to use this space to share, discuss and brainstorm collectively on few strategies to maintain the commons, let’s try and create a collaborative environment which leads us towards a better tomorrow if not the ideal one.

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